Microblading Training

I took the microblading training class with Alexis a few weeks ago, and let me say, I am SO happy that I did. The information that I learned was so great, and all the business information she gives you helps so much when you are just starting out. She teaches you how to start a business, get the licenses, pass inspection, and essentially, begin making an income right out of the gate. Alexis is supportive and very patient. She takes her time to walk you through every step of the process. And one of the best things about taking the class with Alexis is that you really feel that she is there to help you succeed; Your happiness and your success is what gives Alexis happiness and you can really feel that with every interaction with her. She is a wonderful person; An amazing teacher. I would recommend the training course to anyone interested in trying out microblading as a career.


Alexis Kaplan